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As seen on The Insurance & Investment Journal

Erica Lee wants to break the barrier between sound financial advice and millennial consumers who are often reticent or too busy to ask for help. She’s getting into their lives using social media – LinkedIn and Facebook – to draw clients to the educational content she posts weekly.

“Social media has been a big part of my business in the past year,” she says. “We launched in 2017 and the response has been very quick. New clients have reached out to me through social media, and my existing clients have reached out to me to talk about different products that they didn’t have before.”

Lee was compelled to launch the blog because she found accessible and simple-to-understand information was difficult to come by online “We’re a generation that really revolves around the internet, but you can’t really find easy information online about insurance,” she says. “I think that’s where we’ve failed this generation. My goal is to really educate and make people understand the benefits of insurance.”

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As seen on Canada Sales Congress

Erica Lee CFP, CLU, CHS is passionate about enlightening her fellow millennials about the merits of proper insurance and financial planning as a way to help them meet their life and money goals. Her solution to achieving this mission is providing more approachable, relevant information and delivering it in the way, and at the speed, her market consumes it.

As a second generation financial professional, she repackages the traditional information gleaned from working with her father in today’s language and style to lead her younger clients to long term financial security. Erica is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a degree in Economics. She made it her mission to get her formal advisor qualifications at the beginning of her career so she had the tools needed to communicate professionally and effectively with all her clients.

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iLive on The Patrick O. Morris Show

Financial and insurance planner Erica Lee in the iLive studio, as we talk Financial Health in 2018.


January 28, 2018


Be a Better Home Buyer Seminar

The “Be a Better Home Buyer” Seminar was hosted for first time home buyers in the Greater Toronto Area to learn about all the elements a part of the home buying process. These four ladies spoke about their expertise on the topic. Financial Planner, Erica Lee joined mortgage agent Nadeen McDoom, real estate lawyer Irena Brooks, and realtor Keisha London leading an education discussion on planning for a new home and qualifying for a mortgage.


January 27, 2018