Do you own a home, and if so, do you have a mortgage? If you do, have you protected your family’s finances if something happens to you prematurely, became ill, injured and unable to make your mortgage payments. If you do have mortgage protection through your financial lenders, how well do you understand the protection you have put in place? In this video, I answer a few important questions you should ask yourself about your mortgage insurance!

  1. Is my coverage flexible?
  2. Will the proceeds of my policy go to my choice of beneficiary?
  3. Does the death benefit remain the same throughout the life of my policy?
  4. Is my coverage guaranteed?
  5. When is the underwriting completed?

Insurance is supposed to be peace of mind, if you don’t understand what kind of protection you have in place for your family, you could be doing more harm than good! I hope this video helps you understand the differences between individual insurance protection and protection that’s usually offered to you through the financial lenders. Send me a DM or let me know in the comments if you guys have any questions about your existing coverage in place!


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