Our financial health actually affects so many other areas of our life, our physical ad mental health, the relationships we keep, our overall attitude and mood. Stress is a huge factor for our physical and mental health, and financial worries are one of the biggest causes of our stress. So, what does that tell you?? Getting your financial health in check should be on all of your 2018 resoultions. Here are a few tips on how to set and achieve your goals in 2018.


Be sure to set SMART goals – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. This year, try to make very specific goals, don’t just say “I want to save money, or spend less” make specific goals, like “I want to save $20,000, or reduce spending by $400 per month, or reduce debt by $15,000”. This makes the goals measurable, because you can track and measure how close you are getting to actually achieving the goals you set. Making sure the goal is attainable is important because if it’s not, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure straight out of the gate. Ask yourself if the goal is relevant, why is it that you set this goal for yourself, why is it important that you achieve them? And make sure there’s a timeline, because you need to have a deadline in place in order to make them measurable.


I’ve said this many times, a goal without a plan is just a wish. This couldn’t be more true, we can list out a million goals and feel great at the beginning of 2018, but if you don’t track your progress, before you know it, it will be the end of the year and you’ll realize you didn’t even get close to achieving what you set out too. There are many apps and programs that you can use to help track your goals and make sure you stay on track. Tracking your goals will help in a lot of different ways. They make your overall goals manageable because you can break them down into monthly, weekly, or daily goals and you know exactly what you have to each day to reach your end goal.


Goal setting with your partner or a friend can be helpful because you can keep each other accountable. Sometimes when you say your goals out loud, we feel more inclined to keep them. If you choose to keep your goals private, you should try reminding yourself daily of your goals, you could try writing them down everyday or have a daily reminder pop up on your phone!

Let’s help keep each other accountable, what are your financial goals for 2018?

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